The Five Project for International Autism and Disability Support, Inc.(FIVE)

FIVE volunteers in Nanjing 2010

Programs and Services

Training and Consultation

The Five Project for International Autism and Disability Support is committed to strengthening the capacity of families and educational programs in China to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities, with a focus on developmental disabilities such as autism. We do this by providing training and consultation to autism professionals and parents in China, and international autism professionals planning to volunteer or work in China; running ongoing support groups in Nanjing; creating and providing written and video information and materials (available on this website); collaborating with autism organizations in China to provide volunteer opportunities for individuals interested in disability there; and holding events and activities to promote awareness about disability in China.

Activities and Trainings Provided

Hailun 3yue 31



Jessie Esther training



Anshan training


Ongoing Awareness activities, and monthly family support group

This group has been running regularly since January 2008.